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underwerekng: its totally a kahmehemeha Sept 4, 2014 11:40:04 GMT -5
kokoelmono: Sweet! Sept 4, 2014 11:40:28 GMT -5
kokoelmono: That sounds perfect! I just unlocked my FF character slot, and I'm in the process of creating a DBZ concept character. I'm not ripping off a character from the show, I just like the concept of a martial arts/energy projector build. Sept 4, 2014 11:40:59 GMT -5
kokoelmono: I know it's kind of a pain, but is there any chance I could inbox you my email and get a screen cap of it? Sept 4, 2014 11:41:40 GMT -5
underwerekng: its more something you should see a vid of, i'm grabbing it right now on a blank FF i have in a powerhouse Sept 4, 2014 11:42:30 GMT -5 *
kokoelmono: Awesome man. How you wanna get it to me? Email...or you could post it on youtube if you have one. Sept 4, 2014 11:44:35 GMT -5
kokoelmono: I really appreciate this. Sept 4, 2014 11:44:38 GMT -5
underwerekng: atm i have no screen cap software but i'll gonna get a snap shot of it for you Sept 4, 2014 11:45:31 GMT -5
kokoelmono: Sounds awesome man. Sept 4, 2014 11:45:53 GMT -5
FlyingFinn: Prt Scr-button is the default Screenshot Key for CO. Sept 10, 2014 6:24:53 GMT -5
FlyingFinn: Or type /screenshot or /screenshot_ui. _ui includes the user interface in the picture. Sept 10, 2014 6:25:45 GMT -5
underwerekng: anyone online right now? Sept 18, 2014 2:16:35 GMT -5
not1stepbackwards: underwerekng, you having SNR issues in CO? Sept 18, 2014 4:08:25 GMT -5
underwerekng: nope, i was, thats right WAS, fine with connection but needed help buying something off the AH since i'm silver. got that all taken care of and now....SNR SNR SNR and right now i cant even get the launcher to connect. Sept 18, 2014 21:36:18 GMT -5
lucidity: RAWR Nov 23, 2014 0:21:05 GMT -5
Zed Brightlander: 1.21 Gigawatts Dec 23, 2014 17:37:27 GMT -5
blueionstormz: Happy New Year! Dec 31, 2014 8:23:10 GMT -5
Zed Brightlander: In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these. Jan 19, 2015 10:48:58 GMT -5
TheBlueRabbit: And times like these were made for Taster's Choice. Jan 20, 2015 0:44:09 GMT -5
Brou: NEW PLAYERS: If you have a minute or two, I would like to hear about your experience just out of the tutorial. See "New Player Survey: Post-tutorial User Experience" in Champions Online Discussion. Feb 15, 2015 21:59:28 GMT -5